Catalog Fundraising

WHy choose us for your funDRaiser

Flat 50% profit on all sales.

All seller packages are supplied at NO COST to the organization.

All sellers under the age of 18 who actively participate in the program earn prizes. 

Schools try to teach children healthy eating habits yet encourage them to sell overpriced pies, cookies and cakes.  Parents support our catalog program because there are many products to choose from at an affordable prices.  With hand crafted, American made products, many priced under $20.00 each, our catalog fundraising program could be a great option for you!  We supply the catalogs, order forms and prizes for every student at NO upfront cost to the school.  Quick, easy, fashionable and profitable, find out more information today! 

2017 Catalog

Our Catalog is packed with our best selling expressions and charm designs. This catalog truly has something for everyone. These items are exclusive to the catalog and are not available to the public.

2017 Outside Cover/Products

2017 Inside Products

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to earn HIGH profits for your organization with no upfront fees just click the button below. It will take you to our online agreement. Once we receive your agreement we will ship your FREE fundraising package with seller's catalogs within 7 business days.


Bring your local cause nationwide! We now offer an online option for you to use for your next fundraiser. After signing the agreement just let us know you would like to take part in the online sales and we will set it up for you. You will receive 50% of all sales generated by your organization and we ship direct to the buyer.

Additional catalog inserts available

Another option to "customize" your program is by requesting additional inserts for your catalogs. We are always creating new and exciting inserts based on season, interests, etc. Check back often to see our latest designs. If you do not see something ask, maybe we can do an insert for your organization!


Dance Inspired Pieces


Love is a Four-legged Word


Seasonal Items for Spring


Gymnastics Inspired Pieces


Cheerleading Inspired Collection


First Responder Inspired Collection

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Want to buy a bracelet sample pack?

After many requests this is now available for your purchase. Purchase a (5) piece sample pack of items from our newest catalog. If your organization then decides to use Chubby Chico Charms for your next fundraiser the amount paid for the sample pack will be deducted from your final invoice. The items purchased will be chosen at random from the catalog, inserts and other promotional items available through our catalog program.


Want to hear what other organization's are saying? Just take a look below...

THANK YOU!!! Your team was awesome.  Everything was perfect and handled expeditiously in time for students to receive their items in order to give them as gifts.  I can’t thank you enough for everything.  It was so nice to have everything prepackaged per student and ready for me to deliver.  It made our jobs so much easier.  It truly was the best fundraiser we have ever done!

- Mrs. Shelly Jo Knick (N.B. Clements Junior High PTA)

We are very pleased with the experience and the service.  The merchandise arrived promptly and very organized and nicely packed.  Thank you again and we will definitely do this again next November. 

- Rosanna Espinosa (Springstead High School)

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