Tired of fundraising with generic items like candy, cookies and candles year after year? Are your students working hard for little profits? The ChubbyChicoCharms Fundraising Program is an easy, profitable and unique way to raise funds with no upfront cost.  Your group can retail your custom designed jewelry line at rallies, parent events and school stores. With high profit margins and because the products are of such quality they are easy to sell.

We will create a custom charm with your logo, expression, symbol or mascot. Your newly designed custom charm can be included on bangles, necklaces, standard keychains, paracord keychains and more giving you a diverse product line to sell to your customers. We will donate all the graphic design, mould fees and production fees to you, so there is no charge to create your custom charm. We will then send you photographs so you can create your order forms and start collecting orders.

Sample of the design process:

ChubbyChicoCharms has created one of the most profitable fundraising programs available today. Organizations are earning at least 50% profits by using our program and we offer multiply products to choose from. Get started today! 

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