• Xavier's Fish Tank Project

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    Xavier's Fish Tank Project

    Xavier is a 9 year old whom was diagnosed with PDD (Autism) and an anxiety disorder at the age of 6. He struggles with social interactions and anxiety attacks. His family discovered that he could manage his anxiety by focusing his energy into his likes rather than him focusing on his dislikes. He soon discovered his love of coloring, painting, sculpting and drawing.

    Xavier recently discovered a love of the ocean and sea life. He not only loves the cute sea creatures like the star fish and dolphin but also the mysterious deep sea life like the angler fish and goblinsharks.

    His family, owners of ChubbyChicoCharms, thought that his drawings would make fantastic charms for those who not only love jewelry but sea life. After much hard work his drawings were converted to images which could be used in the charm design process which he named “Xavier’s Fish Tank”. With his charms completed and included on our expandable bangle bracelet, we reached out to Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation and decided that 20% of the proceeds from “Xavier’s Fish Tank” line would be donated to Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation whose mission is to protect marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine through education, research and conservation.

    His unique collection can all be seen here Xavier’s Fish Tank

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